The Seven Step Guide To Sporting Selfies

The Seven Step Guide To Sporting Selfies

All you need to know about how to take the perfect sporting selfies

Last week the Oxford Dictionary named 'selfie' as it's word of the year. With Alex Ferguson the latest high profile sports figure to be selfied, we've created a guide showing how to take the perfect sporting selfie.

First things first, a selfie must include your face

Image: @TommyBowe14 Image: @TommyBowe14

That foot belongs to Tommy Bowe, if you can't tell.

You're never too old to take selfies; but make sure to hold the camera the right way

Picture credit: David Maher / SPORTSFILE

Get as close as you can to your subject




Look like you're part of the action

Image: BT Sports Panel Image: BT Sports Panel

Bunny ears are rarely as funny as you think

Image: @SimonZebo Image: @SimonZebo

Learn from a master Conor.

@KCTodayfm @KCTodayfm

While camera phones are handy, professional equipment gives better results

Image: 101GreatGoals Image via

Image: 101GreatGoals Image via

Whatever you do, always ask permission

GIF: Reddit GIF: Reddit
Liam Godinho

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