Assault on Harry Maguire's Father Just One Of Incidents Involving Players' Families

Assault on Harry Maguire's Father Just One Of Incidents Involving Players' Families

The incredible fallout from the chaotic situation at Wembley on Sunday night has continued today with news that Harry Maguire's father was injured in the mayhem that occurred both inside and outside the stadium before and during the Euro 2020 final.

Maguire's father Alan (56) reportedly suffered broken ribs after being caught up in a stampede outside of the stadium. The Manchester United defender told The Sun about the incident.

"My dad was in the stampede. I have not spoken with him too much, but I am pleased my kids didn't go to the game," Maguire said. "It was scary - he said he was scared and I don't want anyone to experience that at a football match."

Maguire said his Dad and his agent were harmed in an altercation after the match, and his Dad was 'struggling with his breathing' after he damaged his ribs in the attack. The England captain said he hoped it wouldn't happen again.

"Dad will always support me and go to the games, but he will be a little bit more aware of everything going on around. We should all be more aware and learn from it," Maguire said.


In a piece in The Athletic, some player family memebers in attendance spoke anonymously, sharing their upset and anger at the treatment they received at the hands of dozens of unruly fans.

"It was a nightmare, to be honest," one family member said. "The family and friends felt very threatened. It was dangerous. There were blokes snatching people's tickets as they took them out to be read by the barcode reader."

Videos emerged on social media of disruptive and careless fans stampeding on Wembley before the match, with hundreds reportedly entering the stadium without a ticket, and taking seats of ticketholders.

"Hundreds stormed the area where we were," according to one family member. "People were getting knocked over. Women were getting knocked over. They came from nowhere and forced a door open. It was like a battlefield."

The shambolic behaviour didn't stop outside the stadium. Families struggled to gain access to their seats, and certain team family members claimed to be racially abused.

"When we got inside, they were in our seats - gangs blocking the aisles, stopping you getting to your seats - and they were intimidating everyone. It was ridiculous. The security wasn't good enough."

The English FA are launching an investigation into the scenes where over 80 English fans were arrested on different counts. Nineteen police officers were also injured in the brawls at Sunday's final at Wembley Stadium in London.

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