Watch: When Henrik Larsson Provided The Greatest Moment In 'Pointless' History

Watch: When Henrik Larsson Provided The Greatest Moment In 'Pointless' History

Pointless and Henrik Larsson, is there a better combination?

The Swede was an incredible player during his time at Celtic, going on to make big contributions at Barcelona and Manchester United later in his career.

It was in Glasgow that he made his reputation, however. The striker scored an incredible 242 goals in 313 appearances for Celtic. He would also win four league titles in seven years, helping to end Rangers' domination in Scotland.

For that reason, he will forever be held in the highest regard at Parkhead. He even helped one pair win the jackpot on Pointless.

Tasha and Jo appeared on the BBC quiz show in 2017, getting all the way to the final round. Their question related to the year 2000, with one of the categories being Euro 2000 goalscorers.

Now neither of the girls knew much about football. However, Tasha's boyfriend told her that whatever football question came up, she should just answer 'Henrik Larsson'.

She followed his advice and you can probably guess what happened next.


Absolutely iconic. The pair walked away with £2,250, not a bad prize for throwing out the name of a random footballer.

It's been four-and-a-half years since this episode aired, but we honestly can't even see it being beaten for drama.

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