"Highlights" Of Gerry Armstrong's Biased Commentary Makes For Great Viewing

"Highlights" Of Gerry Armstrong's Biased Commentary Makes For Great Viewing

Northern Ireland will not be going to the 2018 World Cup after they were desperately unlucky to lose 1-0 on aggregate to Switzerland thanks to a goal that never should have happened.

After the first leg on Thursday, the shocking penalty decision was the main talking point for obvious reasons, but following close behind was the work of Gerry Armstrong.

The Norn Iron World Cup hero was on co-commentary duty again on Sunday night in Switzerland, and once again all Twitter could talk about was Armstrong and his comically one-sided views which gave the neutrals watching at home some extra entertainment during an exciting game.

Twitter user James Lorenzo created a 'supercut' from just the final 20 minutes of the second leg to give you an idea as to what you missed.



Switzerland could have scored 10 goals in that second leg and it felt like half a dozen of those chances were spurned by Seferovic playing up front, so for Armstrong to suggest that Northern Ireland had 'all the momentum' while continuing to concede glorious opportunities is just bizarre.

And referring to Gareth McAuley as 'Big G' on a live broadcast is just tremendous. Never change, Gerry Armstrong.

Mikey Traynor

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