How To Break In Football Boots: Steam Them Like Troy Deeney

How To Break In Football Boots: Steam Them Like Troy Deeney

There's something special about the feeling of putting on a new pair of boots and hitting the pitch, but the experience itself is often ruined by the inevitable pain and discomfort that comes with wearing them straight out of the box.

Whether you're a professional or Sunday League superstar, nobody likes blisters, so naturally people are going to look for ways to make the breaking in processes quicker and more comfortable.

In recent year's we've seen players like Cristiano Ronaldo post pictures of them using 'the hot water method', which is literally just putting the boots on and placing your feet in hot water until they soften and mold to your feet, but there is a better way to do it that doesn't involve you soaking your feet for an hour.

Steaming football boots is the quickest and most effective way of softening them to mold to your feet, and Troy Deeney of Watford explained why it works for him in a recent interview with Soccer AM.

Mine go in here, the steamer.

It softens them up, and when you've got feet like Daffy Duck like me, you need it.

Throw them in there, about 20 minutes or so, put your feet in afterwards while they're still hot, and it molds to your foot. Mine are supposed to be 9.5 [shoe size] but I go to a 10, then if you've got wide feet like me it all spreads out.

Deeney and the Watford players use a steam machine designed specifically for footwear, and Nike also have a similar device that customers in certain Nike Town stores can use after purchasing runners and football boots which is well explained in the video below:


Now, we're not suggesting that you go out and buy this expensive piece of machinery just so your feet will be a bit more comfortable at 5-a-side, but there are cheap and easy ways to replicate the effect.

The boots need to be steamed for 20-30 minutes, so run a piping hot bath and find something that can hold your boots above the water, such as a bucket placed upside-down in the middle of the bath, and let the boots sit for 15 minutes, then check on them and top-up the hot water. Give the boots anywhere between 30 minutes and an hour.

Be sure to remove them while the water is still hot and put your feet into them. As the boots cool down they will mold to your feet and create a custom fit, so be sure to give them another 15 minutes cooling off time on feet.

Having tried this method myself I can confirm it works, so give it a shot the next time you've got a new pair of football boots and want them broken in nice and quickly.

Mikey Traynor

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