How To Change Captain On Fantasy Football

The new football season is nearly upon us, which of course also means the return of the Fantasy Premier League. While they have returned with a brand spanking new site, the redesign has left a couple of people confused as to how to change captain on fantasy football.

For some reason they've gotten rid of the little boxes underneath and now you have to actually click on the kit of the player in question. A box should appear with the option to set them as captain or vice captain. It's a simple as that.

how to change captain on fantasy football

If you're looking for some advice on players, have a listen to our brand new football show. The fantasy discussion starts around 30 minutes in but the whole thing is well worth your time, especially  our chat with the great John Hartson.

Also make sure to check out our team of fantasy football bargains in the Cavanman XI, and make sure to join The Invitational, a charity league that's free to enter and boasts a whole raft of prizes. We already got the likes of Chris O'Dowd and Anthony Stokes signed up and you can too.


Just fill out your details below with your email address for prize details and a weekly update, and you'll receive the login code for the league. There'll be plenty of craic to be had a the overall winner will get tickets of a Premier League match, not to mention all the one-off gongs for monthly winners, triers and losers.

Donations will be gently asked for throughout the season with possible events and special prizes to come.

The Male Cancer Awareness Campaign is an international cancer awareness charity run by Dublin man Patrick Cox - find them on twitter here

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