Huddersfield Fans Were Not Buying Arsenal Fans' Wenger Send Off

Huddersfield Fans Were Not Buying Arsenal Fans' Wenger Send Off

Today marked Arsene Wenger's last match in the Arsenal hot seat. The Gunners were up against Huddersfield Town and won thanks to a strike from Pierre Emerick Aubameyang in the 38th minute of the match, grabbing their first away points of 2018 in the process. Wenger

In the 22nd minute, both sets of fans applauded for a minute in reference to the Frenchman's 22 years at Arsenal, but later on the Huddersfield Town support had some choice words for Arsenal fans and were reported as singing "You wanted him out, you wanted him out. You two-faced bastards, you wanted him out".

Arsenal fans started chanting back "Herbert Chapman, he left cos you're shit", in reference football manager Herbert Chapman who left Huddersfield Town to manage Arsenal in 1925. You can never accuse Arsenal fans of being uninformed.


There was however, more unrest from the Gunners faithful in the form of a plane, which was spotted flying over the ground with a banner which ominously read 'Kroenke, you're next'.

There were also two pro-Wenger banners flown over the Kirklees Stadium which read 'Merci Arsene, we'll miss you  too' and the other reading 'One Arsene Wenger':

With all this aeronautical signage floating around it begs the question: How much do these planes cost?

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Eoin Lyons

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