'It's Never Going To Stop' - Boos At Riverside As England Players Take Knee

'It's Never Going To Stop' - Boos At Riverside As England Players Take Knee

Boos rang out at the Riverside Stadium on Sunday evening as English and Romanian players took a knee to highlight racial injustice before kick-off in their friendly.

There had also been boos at the stadium on Wednesday evening before England's win against Austria.

"It's never going to stop," Ashley Cole told ITV at half-time of Sunday's game.

"It's fans that don't want to listen, they don't want to understand, they don't like change. It's disappointing that we've heard boos, but the players have to carry on."

Ian Wright said prior to the game that he believes the reasons some people give for booing are insincere.


"Only few days ago in this country, we've seen what happened to a young boy (Dea-John Reid) in Birmingham - he's lost his life," said Wright.

"They're taking a knee to highlight the injustices. It's a symbolic gesture to say they stand against that.

"The excuses that they use as to why they're booing are disingenuous.

"The people that we're dealing with, if they can't understand now, with the amount of times the players have explained why they're doing it, you don't need to take notice of those people. They're taking the knee for the right reasons, and that's all that matters.

"They don't want to understand, but the fact is you still have to try and reach those people - you can't leave them."

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