Idiotic Hull Fan Explains What He Said To Richard Keogh During On Field Incident

Idiotic Hull Fan Explains What He Said To Richard Keogh During On Field Incident

You would want to be a right gobshite to run up to an angry Richard Keogh and start giving him lip at the one of the lowest points of his career. Many would suggest that there's no sane individual out there that is that foolish but there is and the Hull Daily Mail managed to track him down.

Adam Pardoe managed to carve out his 15 minutes of notoriety earlier in the week when he decided to confront the Ireland centre back in the aftermath of Hull's play-off semi final win over Derby on Tuesday. It may not surprise anyone to learn that Mr. Pardow has previously served two jail terms for attacking pensioners and he filled the Hull Daily Mail in on just what was going through his mind when he went eyeball to eyeball with an admirably restrained Keogh.

I went to the game with some friends and had a few drinks. After the game, myself and everyone else went onto the pitch to celebrate.

I saw Keogh and I said, 'Enjoy your next season in the Championship'. He was obviously agitated with that and there was an exchange of words.

Unfortunately, there's no recollection of what Keogh said in return but Pardoe did go on to apologise for his actions on Tuesday particularly in relation to his two previous arrests following separate attacks on a 93 year old man and a 70-year-old woman.

I've worked hard to turn my life around and am utterly disappointed in myself for doing something so flippant in the heat of the moment.


Pardoe confirmed that, despite the media interest around the incident, no one from the police or the club had been in contact with him as of Thursday.

And just in case you haven't seen it already, here's that incident one more time.

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