Republic of Ireland To Play Iceland At Home In A Friendly Next Year

Republic of Ireland To Play Iceland At Home In A Friendly Next Year

The Republic of Ireland and Iceland friendly that has just been announced is, as far as friendlies go, pretty exciting.

Iceland and their fans lit up the European football championships in France this summer through a combination of their battling displays on the pitch and the irrepressible spirit of their fans, most notably through the use of the famous 'Thunder Clap' celebration.

Iceland's incredible performances during the Euros included an amazing victory over England as well as a draw against Portugal that resulted in Cristiano Ronaldo descending into his 'toys out of the pram' mode and Icelandic commentators ascending into almost orgasmic levels of delight.

Each victory and game was marked by a performance of the brilliant 'Thunder Clap' celebration, which unfortunately has been copied by fans around the world but fortunately will never match the manner in which the Icelandic fans themselves carry it out.

And now the same clap will ring out around Ballsbridge and the surrounding areas of quaint south Dublin. Dogs will pause mid-bark, birds will cease their whistling and there will be utter silence across the land as the 'Thunder Clap' rings out. Thousands of bearded Icelandic people will descend on the island in a matter not seen since the Viking raids of the 800s.


Because the Republic of Ireland are set to face Iceland in a friendly.

As the FAI announced on their website today the Irish will host their distant Icelandic cousins in a friendly on March 28th at the Aviva stadium - four days after a crucial home World Cup qualifier against Wales. The game is set to kick-off at 7.45pm.

Please, please let's stick to 'the Fields of Athenry' and 'Stand up for the boys in Green'. Let's not embarrass ourselves by trying to mimic the 'Thunder Clap'. Keep it simple, lads.

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