5 Possible New Ireland Jerseys Based On New Balance's Latest Designs

5 Possible New Ireland Jerseys Based On New Balance's Latest Designs

The Republic of Ireland football team will have a new look from September as the FAI's long-running deal with Umbro comes to an end, and New Balance take over the reigns in terms of designing the team's jerseys and training gear.

It's something that many Ireland fans don't know how to feel about, purely because we haven't seen much of what New Balance have to offer when compared to the likes of Nike or Adidas, but judging by what they put out for Liverpool and Celtic this summer, there's no reason to be concerned.

But we are curious.

Having put out a number of mock-ups to ponder what Ireland would look like if the jerseys were designed by other major sportswear companies, it's time to have a look at what NB have been releasing this summer.

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In terms of football, New Balance design the kits for Liverpool, Celtic, Sevilla, FC Porto, and Lille among others, and also have a line of 'Teamwear' jerseys for general sale.

Typically these Teamwear jerseys are the kind you'd buy in a batch as part of a Sunday League team, but they have also been used by club and international teams so it's not beyond the realm of possibility that they just use a green one for Ireland, but it's very unlikely.


The boys in green will almost certainly be given a unique and original design, but if they don't, judging by the latest New Balance jersey designs, here is what it might look like:

"Sash" Teamwear Design (Also used by Costa Rica)

Well, this would certainly be one way to make a splash, with a great big sash that has nothing in particular to do with Irish football. The chances are extremely slim, but it's an idea of something that could come from left-field.

"Pitch" Teamear Design


This one is more plausible, but would be seriously underwhelming as there's really not much going on at all. It's got a similar side-pattern to the current Irish jersey, which if anything is another reason why we won't see it in September.

"Pro" Teamwear Design (Previously used by Liverpool)


While it's not an offensively ugly jersey, the fact that it would literally be an old Liverpool jersey dyed green would be a big no-no for many.

FC Porto Away


The FC Porto away jersey doesn't have much going on either, but for those who want a simple, green jersey with a bit of orange in there may fancy the understated look. It's an option.

Costa Rica Home

Easily the best looking of these quick mockups, the new jersey unveiled for Costa Rica back at the end of May would look very well indeed as an Ireland shirt, in particular for the white lines on the sides and sleeves.

If we end up getting something like this in September there won't be too many complaints.

Hopefully we get something decent, and we at are always interested if you have a go at mocking up a jersey yourself, so feel free to get in touch to let us see and we might include it in the article.

Mikey Traynor

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