Irish Bury FC Player Could Lose Home After Club's Expulsion

Irish Bury FC Player Could Lose Home After Club's Expulsion

Irish footballer, Stephen Dawson, has detailed the toll Bury FC's financial difficulties has had on the club's players, with the Dubliner confirming to 2fm's Game On that he could lose his home.

Dawson, 33, has had two spells at Bury but is now free to speak to other clubs following the Bury's expulsion from the English Football League this week. Dawson, who rejoined the club in 2017, told 2fm:

I've always overpaid on my house. I'm not one of them with fancy cars or fancy watches. I live within my means. I was on a good deal so I decided, 'Right I'll try and pay as much off my house for later on in life for my kids so I can give them a start in life'.

At the minute I can't afford to pay my bills. I've been on to my mortgage company and it's something I'm going to have to look at. It's not feasible at the minute. It's taken its toll financially and stress-wise. It's going to be a long couple of weeks. Hopefully I can get it sorted.

Speaking about the events of this week, Dawson said:

You don't really believe it. I said my goodbyes to everyone at the training ground today, the academy players, young kids who've been told they've no deal and they're only starting out on their careers. It's been a tough day.

We got a text off the PFA rep today who we've been in dialogue the last couple of months. They just said, "You're free now to go'. That was it.

The EFL aren't going to stand on anyone's way. If you're lucky enough to get sorted and get a club, that will be the case. I've got to go looking for a club.


Following Bury's expulsion, League One will be contested by 23 clubs this season, including Bolton Wanderers after the club was successfully purchased by Football Ventures (Whites) Limited before Tuesday's 5pm deadline.

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