Quiz: Can You Name The Last Irish Player Of The Year From Each Of These Clubs?

Quiz: Can You Name The Last Irish Player Of The Year From Each Of These Clubs?

A club player of the year award can generally be a curious thing. Some do it by year, some by season. It's generally voted on by fans. Sometimes it doesn't even happen.

Arsenal have only been known to give out the award intermittently , while Liverpool appear to have only brought one in in 2001. Aston Villa canceled their awards altogether in 2016 after their dreadful relegation season.

With fans at the wheel, you can always expect the odd whacky decision. Players who've never made a senior appearance have been known to get more votes than a 20 goal striker.

Often, it's as much a club legend/popularity award as much as anything else. With that in mind, the Irish have always done pretty well with these accolades.

Only Leicester, West Ham, Watford, Burnley, and Bournemouth haven't had an Irish winner we could find of the current Premier League clubs. To make up for them, we've thrown in a few from the lower leagues too.

We have trawled the archives to find the last Republic of Ireland Player of the Year/Season from these 19 clubs. We've given you the year they've won it as a club, but one or two are extremely difficult so we're not expecting full marks.

We've given you six minutes to get through it and you must type in the full name of each player to avoid duplicates.


Best of luck!

(If you can't see the quiz below, you can play here)


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