Italian Journalist Assaulted At Wembley Latest To Call Out Pathetic Security

Italian Journalist Assaulted At Wembley Latest To Call Out Pathetic Security

Tancredi Palmeri is a sporting journalist with beIN Sports, and covered the Euro 2020 tournament games held in Wembley.

On his twitter account, he has provided a thread of tweets describing what it was like to be caught up in the chaos outside the stadium.

Palmeri says the stadium security, and not the police, are to blame for the rioting that ensued before and after Sunday's game.

The Italian journalist detailed how he was assaulted by English fans on more than one occasion, and how he doesn't understand their level of policing.


The scene's described by Palmeri are disgusting, as he details '20 people slapping' him before someone was able to intervene. The Metropolitan Police didn't come to his aid either.

Palmeri continued his twitter rant on the policing standards by claiming the security on hand had their priorities in the wrong order. He even spoke to a police chief and that was 'mocking' him for wearing a mask when confronted.

This incident follows on from a number of eye-witness accounts from fans and media personnel who were attacked or assaulted in some form at England's home games.


A Danish woman, living in London for 15 years, was jeered outside the stadium and had her hair pulled by opposing fans as she left Wembley after the semi-final.

Formula One driver Lando Norris was one of the more high profile casualties, as he was mugged departing the stadium after the final on Sunday night.

The English FA are carrying out an investigation into the fan behaviour before and after Sunday's Euro 2020 final. 19 police officers were injured in brawls outside the stadium.

Over 80 people were arrested for a mixture of public disorder, assault and drunkenness violations at the match.


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