ITV Pundits Crack Up At Slaven Bilic's Response To Referee Decision Debate

ITV Pundits Crack Up At Slaven Bilic's Response To Referee Decision Debate

We're scarely four days in the World Cup and already it seems like we've watched a thousand hours of pundits debating refereeing decisions and Slaven Bilic has frankly had enough. The former Croatia manager was on ITV's four man panel last night for the Brazil v Switzerland draw and when the discussion came to whether or not Steven Zubar had fouled Miranda before he headed home the Swiss equaliser, Bilic tapped out.

Both Ian Wright and Gary Neville felt that had Zubar's goal been analysed by VAR it would have been disallowed, before Mark Pougatch turned to Bilic and asked 'So we have foul, foul [referring to Wright and Neville], Slaven?' Bilic gave a mealy-mouthed reply about how he could see why both managers would plead their case but Pougatch pushed him to come down on one side of the fence, saying 'You're sounding very neutral Slaven.'

At this point Slaven had enough of pretending to be interested: 'To be fair, I don't care.' Cue howls of laughter from the rest of the lads on the panel.

I think we can all feel his pain at yet another refereeing debate. 'I'm not getting angry, why should I? I'd rather talk about Coutinho's goal,' he continued. Pougatch defended the chat, saying 'It's just an interesting point of protocol' - to which Bilic simply responded with 'Whatever.'

The reaction on Twitter showed that his view was similar to many watching at home.


You can watch the full clip here.

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