Jack Wilshere Goes After "Know Nothing" Journalist With Barbed Response

Jack Wilshere Goes After "Know Nothing" Journalist With Barbed Response

Perhaps it is his consternation at not being picked for Gareth Southgate's World Cup-23, or maybe its the fact that his Arsenal contract is due to expire shortly and he has no obvious offers available, but Jack Wilshere has been plenty vocal in that last few days.

After appearing to take Southgate's snub in the best manner possible, Wilshere opted for humour in the face of this disappointment.

Yesterday, when it emerged that Southgate had decided against Wilshere due to a perceived lack of fitness, the Arsenal man took to Twitter to explain his discouragement at such a suggestion.

Seeing that he had made more club appearances this season than at any point in the last seven years, his rationale seemed solid.

Today, with the dust finally settling on those players omitted from Southgate's squad, Wilshere has remained adamant in his

Replying to a dismissive tweet from the well-known Telegraph journalist Matt Law, Wilshere assured Law that he "knew nothing."

Here is Law's initial tweet.


Following an initial response, Law clarified his stance further.


Wilshere was quick to reply.

Attempting to clarify his position in light of Wilshere's response, Law's follow up wasn't overly conciliatory.

It could be a long ol' summer for Wilshere if he keeps up this level of sensitivity.

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