James McClean Does Not Respect The Opinion Of Every Former Ireland Player

James McClean Does Not Respect The Opinion Of Every Former Ireland Player

With disappointing results usually comes plenty of criticism. The Republic of Ireland are no different at the moment, although it has to be said that there is largely a sense of perspective around the struggles the team are currently going through.

Stephen Kenny has made some major changes to this side. Some have had immediate positive impacts, while others have affected their fortunes in the short-term. It will be hoped that all of these will balance out for more success further down the line.

That won't stop the criticism from circles for now, however.

A number of former Ireland players have been asking questions in the media in recent days, with Richard Dunne and Paul McGrath amongst them. Dunne said it feels like the team have 'gone backwards' under Kenny, while McGrath is also of the opinion that things aren't working out for the current boss.

Stephen Elliott is another one, saying that too many questions still hang over Kenny at this point in his tenure.

The current squad are attempting to block out this noise.

Speaking ahead of the game against Serbia this evening, James McClean was asked how he felt about the criticism from former players. When given examples, the Derry man had varying levels of interest in what the three names mentioned above had to say.


Richard Dunne and Paul McGrath were unbelievable in an Irish shirt, so of course I respect their opinion.

I don't remember Stephen Elliott pulling up too many trees in an Irish shirt, so I would pay too much heed to what Stephen says to be honest.

But Richard Dunne and Paul McGrath, I have massive respect for their opinion. They have been there and done it.

It's disappointing to hear, but it's a new manager in his first time at international level and a lot of young players experiencing it for the first time. Hopefully we will start winning games again and that doesn't be the case. The more support the better.

Of course I respect Richard and Paul, but I hope the younger players aren't hearing that criticism because it's not going to do any good for their confidence.

It hasn't just been former players that have had their say in recent days.

Former FAI communications employee Ian Mallon recently wrote in the Irish Examiner that Ireland players often want to rush back to their clubs after a poor result, another comment McClean had an issue with.

When asked about a former FAI employee writing this, he said that he couldn't think of many examples where that was the case.

That's news to me. Can you name that former FAI employee...

Well that's probably why Ian is an ex-employee rather than a current one. I wouldn't pay too much attention to Ian to be honest.

The mood around the place is great. It's not great after game because people feel sorry for themselves and we are creating enough chances to win a couple of games...

It's easy to feel sorry for yourself, but feeling sorry for yourself in this game gets you nowhere. We need to start winning games.

As McClean said, getting back to winning ways is the best way to avoid such criticism moving forward.

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