Jamie Carragher Was Disgusted By Theo Walcott's Post-Match Comments

Jamie Carragher Was Disgusted By Theo Walcott's Post-Match Comments

For Arsenal to lose with a performance as bad as the one they gave tonight would be bad enough for everyone associated with the club, but the fact that it was live on MNF, and thus there to be dissected and over-analysed, makes it even more painful.

Theo Walcott was the man to step forward and attempt to explain what the hell happened against Crystal Palace, and he did his best to get through it without upsetting anyone too much, claiming that the fact that they let the fans down hurt the most, and that it just wasn't an Arsenal performance.

He also admitted that Crystal Palace were more up for it from the word go.

Jamie Carragher was not impressed.


After slamming the suggestion that we should respect them for talking to the media in the first place, he then took aim at Walcott's comments and perfectly summed up why they are absolute nonsense.

That is Jamie Carragher at his best as a pundit.

He's spot on, both in his view that we have been here time and again with Arsenal players, and that if you are not as up for the game as your opponent when you're in a place like Arsenal are, something is really wrong.

Mikey Traynor

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