Jason McAteer Rages After Being Sent Off For Kicking Michael Owen Up The Arse

Jason McAteer Rages After Being Sent Off For Kicking Michael Owen Up The Arse

If one thing has been empirically proven over the past couple of days, it's that watching Ireland play at Sky Sports' Star Sixes tournament is incrementally more enjoyable than watching Ireland's senior team in action.

This opinion was bolstered again today as Ireland took on England in a fiesty affair that ended 1-0 to England, but not before Jason McAteer was sent off after a humorous scuffle with none other than Michael Owen.

McAteer was given his marching orders with minutes remaining for a blatant kick up the hoop on Owen, but the 47-year-old reckons that the England legend should have been sent for an early shower as well for his part in the affray:

He got it wrong, didn't he? The referee. It was a little coming together we had a little pull of the shirt it was kind of spun around and Michael Owen decided to lash out and I didn't want to let him get away with it, referee obviously didn't see it. He didn't want to see it probably because it was England and Michael Owen, more to the point.

We kind of made up a little bit and I gave him a little friendly little push up the backside and the referee decided to send me off.

McAteer then had a little pop at the broadcaster for not showing the initial incident, they duly showed it.

The clip showed McAteer and Owen were tussling off the ball when the former Newcastle striker clearly has a little kick out at McAteer, with the former Ireland international stating 'how is that not a red card?'

Watch the video below and see for yourself:


I think McAteer should be praised for taking the opportunity to give Owen a good shot up the gooch, but in any case England now advance to the final where they will take on the Rest Of The World team, including such luminaries as Robert Pires and Pierre Van Hooijdonk. Do it for McAteer Bobby!

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