Javi Martinez Claims He Came Up With The Idea For 'The Hunger Games'

Javi Martinez Claims He Came Up With The Idea For 'The Hunger Games'

Bayern Munich's Javi Martinez is one of the most versatile footballers around. Comfortable as a central defender or holding midfielder, he can also play in more of a box-to-box role when required.

But who knew that he was also a fantastic writer? So good in fact, that he was the one who coined the concept for one of the most successful book/movie franchises of all-time. Or so he claims. You see, Javi Martinez came up with idea for The Hunger Games.

Yes, that one. The smash hit series of movies and books that raked in almost $3billion in box office revenue from four star-studded movies. In a recent interview with German football magazine Socrates (h/t Goal), he claimed that he had come up with a novel that was almost identical to The Hunger Games, only to be beaten to fame and glory by 2008 by Suzanne Collins:

Writing is a great pleasure for me, even as a teenager I started to write a book.

And believe it or not, the plot was pretty much the same as 'The Hunger Games'.

That was strange (seeing the movie), I was sitting in the cinema and thought: ‘It does not exist, that's my idea, which I had years ago, the creators must have stolen my computer’.


The series focuses on a dystopian future, wherein teenagers are forced to fight for their lives in a showpiece even by eliminating (i.e. murdering) their opponents, and earn vast fame and glory when they overcome the odds and emerge victorious. The exact same as the road to becoming a professional footballer so.

Martinez has said that despite this heartbreak, he continues to write. Perhaps one day he will get a move franchise of his own. For now, he must settle for earning vast sums of money to play football everyday. Unlucky Javi.

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