Jay Rodriguez Reveals 'Horrendous' Difficulty Of Facing Racism Allegation

Jay Rodriguez Reveals 'Horrendous' Difficulty Of Facing Racism Allegation

He may have become something of a Manchester City hero today for his goal that beat Manchester United and confirmed the destination of the Premier League trophy, but for West Bromwich Albion's Jay Rodriguez, today meant more to him than any City player or fan.

Having become entangled in a messy, potentially disastrous altercation with Brighton & Hove Albion's Gaetan Bong, the FA declared that an accusation claiming Rodriguez had racially abused Bong was rendered 'not proven' earlier this week.

Maintaining his innocence throughout, Rodriguez decided that he wished to address the decision reached by the FA in his post-match comments:

It's been horrendous, you know? For myself, my family, and I'm just a great believer that the truth always comes out.

It's a massive weight off my shoulders, and my family ... anything that effects my family hurts me deep, and something so serious is not nice.


Embraced by the West Brom 'keeper Ben Foster immediately after, Rodriguez looked visibly relieved at having his name cleared.

Citing today's winner as his 'best moment in a tough season,' three points may well still not be enough to save a relegation-threatened West Bromwich Albion.

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