Jeff Stelling Desperately Pleads For Hartlepool Manager To Step Down Live On Air

Jeff Stelling Desperately Pleads For Hartlepool Manager To Step Down Live On Air

Sky Sports News Presenter, Jeff Stelling is often animated on the set as he brings us through the weekend's footballing action and has never made any secret of his love for Hartlepool United.

This afternoon - following a 2-0 defeat at home to Barnet - Stelling issued a plea for manager, Dave Jones to step down immediately. It comes as the club are fighting for survival in the football league, where they currently lie 23rd with only two games remaining.

The Monkey Hangers have been a stable lower level club for some time now but have never sunk to the depths of the Conference since the adoption of the current structure. Having just secured three victories in the beginning of the calendar year (17 games), fans have naturally grown frustrated with the current management.

What better way to voice your concerns than by broadcasting it to thousands of football supporters via Sky Sports;


We have lost at home, we're in the relegation places, and it’s not personal Dave, but for God’s sake for the good of the club go now.

Walk now. It’s 13 points from 51 this is not your level of football. "Pam Duxbury, the chairman, Gary Coxall, if he won’t walk then sack him. If it means me resigning as vice president then I do so happily – do it now, do it today.

Jeff Stelling was appointed President of Hartlepool in 2015 but is willing to give up his title if it brings about the sacking of Dave Jones.

One has to admire the passion and admiration that he has for his local club but whether or not his pleas fell on deaf ears remains to be seen but grim days are ahead for the club if something doesn't change rapidly.

Darren Holland

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