Jermaine Jenas Reckons Harry Maguire Is A Better Player Than De Ligt

Jermaine Jenas Reckons Harry Maguire Is A Better Player Than De Ligt

While Ajax's magical Champions League journey may have come to an end, there is no doubting the quality of some of the players in their squad. Frenkie de Jong looks like one of the top midfielders in the game, and he is set to move to Barcelona in the summer for €75million.

Many expect Matthijs de Ligt to follow him to the Camp Nou. Ajax's 19-year old captain is currently the most sought after defender in world football, and it is looking likely that his transfer fee could even eclipse the one received or de Jong.

Barcelona are favourites for his signature, but pretty much every big club in Europe have been linked. Juventus are keen to bring him to Serie A, while Liverpool and Manchester City are amongst the Premier League clubs credited with an interest.

However if one pundit is to be believed, there is a better option that already plays in the English top flight.

Instead of going for the best up and coming central defender in the game, Jermaine Jenas thinks that Manchester City would be better off signing Harry Maguire. We will let the man himself explain why:


I think he's a top player and he's a prospect, and he's 19-years old and he's got obvious leadership qualities that his players respect...

But i actually think that Harry Maguire is a better player at the moment, personally. I just think that if I was Manchester City, I would go for Maguire over de Ligt right now, I really would.

I think that he's a top player de Ligt, but when I watch Harry Maguire, especially against Manchester City the other day when he is coming out with the ball at his feet and he it taking people on...

From what I see, I can't see what he does that Harry Maguire can't do, apart from the age difference, that's it.

Right let's break this one down shall we? De Ligt is a better player than Harry Maguire. The Leicester man is a very good defender, but his Dutch counterpart is a much better reader of the game, while also being far more capable of marshalling a defence.

Even if you argued the two were level, Jenas said their age is the only thing separating the pair. And so it should. De Ligt is almost seven years younger than Maguire, a different era in football terms. The England player is probably at his peak right now, whereas de Ligt is only scratching the surface of what he can become.

All of this is before you consider their respective price tags. Leicester are rumoured to be seeking £90m for Maguire, which would eclipse the current world record fee for a defender by £15m. De Ligt will likely be available for considerably less, and will represent a much better long term investment considering his age.

So let's sum it up: Jenas thinks you would be better off signing a player who is not as good, is seven years older than the alternative, while also somehow being more expensive. We will have to go against you on this one Jermaine.

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