'John Delaney Could Run UEFA' - Denis O'Brien

'John Delaney Could Run UEFA' - Denis O'Brien


The Independent are promoting their John Delaney documentary which can be watched on their website from this Sunday.

Delaney has spent six months collaborating with their gossip columnist/features writer Barry Egan. Delaney talks extensively with Egan about the state the organisation was in  Interviews are conducted with Denis O'Brien, Eamon Dunphy and Martin O'Neill.

O'Brien told Egan:


John Delaney could run UEFA easily. He could run FIFA as far as I'm concerned... certainly better than Sepp Blatter. And more honestly

The trailer has a vaguely 'hagiographic' feel and the documentary has been somewhat grandiosely titled 'John the Baptist. But it should be an interesting watch nonetheless.

Watch the trailer here.

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