John Giles Pinpoints Three Players That Have Held Arsenal Back This Season

John Giles Pinpoints Three Players That Have Held Arsenal Back This Season

After a disappointing start to the Premier League season, Arsenal showed signs of life last weekend at Stamford Bridge.

The sides drew 0-0 in a game Arsenal could have easily won. Arsene Wenger's side have only won two of their last ten games in the Premier League away to Chelsea. The other eight matches were all defeats.

Alex Iwobi and Danny Welbeck started on the wings, while Granit Xhaka and Aaron Ramsey. It was the first time Arsenal kept a clean sheet in the ground in a league match since April 2005.

Speaking to Off The Ball on Thursday night, former Republic of Ireland manager and captain John Giles was pretty sure why the team looked so strong.

One of the reasons it didn't happen - There was no Ozil. There was no Chamberlain. There was no Walcott in the team.

I think they have been three of the main culprits of why Arsenal haven't done well. There was a good team spirit about them and a sense of purpose about them.

I know Chamberlain has gone to Liverpool now, but he played quite a while for Arsenal. Those three players have been the three main culprits in not having the sense of purpose, that they showed last weekend...

There was a team spirit about them and a will to do it. That's your starting point.

I don't think they ever had that will with Ozil playing as one of the main players, and Chamberlain, and Walcott for that matter.


Claiming the three players "dont have a go", Giles thinks Arsenal already look stronger. With Chamberlain gone and Ozil looking likely to depart in the summer, Walcott would also leave the club if Giles had his say.

Walcott played in the two games either side of the Chelsea draw in the Europa League and League Cup, while Ozil has not featured since the win against Bournemouth after the international break.

You can listen to Giles' comments in full here.

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