FAI Senior Council Member Says John Delaney Has Told Him He Will Leave FAI

FAI Senior Council Member Says John Delaney Has Told Him He Will Leave FAI

As rumours continue to swirl about John Delaney's future with FAI, one of his long time backers claims that Delaney has told him that he is set to depart from the Association.

There has been speculation throughout today that Delaney as set to leave his role as Executive Vice President, and likely the FAI altogether, with this being the strongest hint yet that there is something to those thoughts.

Kerry District League secretary John O'Regan has long been an ally of Delaney, with the two believed to be very close. He is also a member of the FAI Senior Council. Radio Kerry broke the news that O'Regan had confirmed that Delaney was about end his almost 18-year association with the FAI.


The Irish Sun also spoke to O'Regan, who said Delaney confirmed the news in a text message:

He sent me a text message about an hour ago. What he told me was that he was stepping down from the FAI today.

I am surprised and disappointed to be honest about it, to tell you the truth. I am very disappointed that it has come to this.

I have known the man for 20 years and the good he has done for grassroots football is unbelievable – especially here in Kerry. So surprised and disappointed.

While a statement from the FAI has not yet been released, it looks as though John Delaney's time with the FAI is about to come to an end.

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Gary Connaughton

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