Jon Walters And Clinton Morrison Question Stephen Kenny's Reign As Ireland Boss

Jon Walters And Clinton Morrison Question Stephen Kenny's Reign As Ireland Boss

Former Irish international pair Jon Walters and Clinton Morrison have questioned the route Stephen Kenny is going with his side.

The Boys in Green are winless in 16 competitive matches, with Kenny presiding over 12 of those games.

His only win as Ireland boss came in a friendly win over Andorra in June. And it seems as if Jon Walters and Clinton Morrison have had enough.

While Kenny's reign has received plenty of support in recent days, that has not stopped the two former Ireland internationals from offering a different take.

Last night's draw at home to Serbia saw Ireland's slim hopes of reaching the World Cup die a death.

"You've got to get a result in international football to qualify," Walters explained on Sky Sports.

"Everyone in Ireland wants us to qualify and I'm still not seeing it.


"I'm being told that we're doing this and that but I'm still not seeing it."

Clinton Morrison was of the same view, and asked why Kenny has decided against going against the tried and tested to get goals and results.

"You know how we're a threat? From set-pieces, everyone knows that so why change it?

Get the ball up front, cause problems and get the ball out to the wide men. Get the ball into the box.

I understand that he is trying to change things but you are judged as a manager by results and the results are not good enough.


Both players views contrast heavily with what has been said by Kenny in recent days.

Jon Walters And Clinton Morrison Demand Results From Stephen Kenny's Ireland 

The Ireland boss has pleaded for patience as his young side continue to show signs of growth.

"I think there’s real progress overall to be honest. That’s the way I see it, the way my staff and all the coaches see it and there are a lot of people behind us.

There are a lot of people who aren’t (behind them) who say ‘that’s not your job to develop the game here, your job is just to win the next game’.

That kind of near-sightedness doesn’t create anything, you might beat teams that you should beat. But you’ll never beat the teams you strive to beat.

You’re trying to build something tangible over a period of time and that can be successful. That’s how I see it.

I’ve done it because we have a very exciting squad emerging.

We’ve not had a huge pool of players to pick from between the experienced players towards the end of their careers and the young players who are coming through.

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