Jordan Pickford Thinks He Is Unfairly Criticised Despite Dropping Clanger After Clanger

Jordan Pickford Thinks He Is Unfairly Criticised Despite Dropping Clanger After Clanger

It turns out that Jordan Pickford might not be the world class goalkeeper many English commentators were hoping he would be. The 2018 World Cup offered the perfect opportunity to big up that squad, with Jordan Pickford benefitting more than anybody from this hype.

Many expected him to go on and establish himself as one of the best goalkeepers in the game, but those from outside the country had their doubts. Those have now proven to be correct.

Pickford has made a habit of letting in some very questionable goals over the past 18 months or so, with the most recent example coming against Crystal Palace last weekend.

He is now starting to get some much overdue criticism, with his propensity for dropping clangers now putting his place in the England team in jeopardy. However, he feels he is being unfairly treated.

Pickford said that being an England player has made him a target, when the reality is it probably allowed him to avoid criticism than he otherwise would have:


I think the press and everybody; the punters – look at Gary Neville - they just want to come for England players,

Everyone gets stick. Some get a lot more praise than others. That’s part of being an England player.

Everyone hates you, for some reason. I just get on with it. You have got to live with it, you have got to learn. I know what I am capable of and I know what I am good at.

It is what it is. Look at Joe Hart when he was number one. He got pelters every week.

You just keep it away from your head as the only person who can sort things out is yourself as an individual, on the pitch and in training.

It’s looking after things on the pitch for Everton that is my main aim. That gets you picked for England.

It’s funny because everyone raves about you when you are with England but then you get back to your club and everyone wants to slate you.

As a person, I don’t let it affect me. But it does p*** you off.

The best way to avoid the criticism would probably be to stop conceding howlers, but each to their own I suppose.

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