José Mourinho Is That Friend Who Starts All The Trouble But Then Disappears When It Breaks Out

José Mourinho Is That Friend Who Starts All The Trouble But Then Disappears When It Breaks Out

It’s safe to say Jose Mourinho absolutely loves controversy. He lives for it.

When we heard he was involved in a post match spat with Manchester City players, and was apparently pelted with milk and water like a wasted cup of tea, nobody was too surprised. In fact it’s now to be expected.

Mourinho has always been a pantomime villain, but it begs the question: How has nobody ever given him a dig?

Well, it’s simple. Every group seems to have that one friend that talks a big game and seemingly starts trouble wherever they go but then when it all kicks off, he somehow disappears to the back of the group. This is Jose Mourinho, except instead of one of your friends, he’s a professional football manager and instead of “wherever he goes”, it’s the world of professional football.

In this latest act of shithousery, Mourinho, as gracious in defeat as ever, stormed into the Manchester City dressing room post-derby, having taken exception with the volume of the music they were playing in celebration of beating their local rivals.

The whole thing seemed to kick off when Mourinho exclaimed to City goalkeeper Ederson 'You fucking show respect. Who are you?'. He then took a step back as 20 men supposedly brawled, including Romelu Lukaku allegedly throwing a punch and Mikel Arteta getting his eyebrow busted open. Classic Mourinho.

Mourinho has a glittering past when it comes to trouble making. He’s famously poked late Barcelona assistant manager Tito Vilanova in the eye during a touchline skirmish:


He almost caused a riot in Anfield in 2014 when his Chelsea side, who were playing for nothing, beat Liverpool 2-0, effectively ending their title challenge, when he ran down the sideline celebrating Chelsea’s second goal.

Then there was Eva-gate. Mourinho blamed Chelsea physio Eva Carneiro for wasting time by having the audacity to treat one of his own injured players, was even claimed to call her a “daughter of a whore”.

Even Oasis’s Noel Gallagher, who was very randomly doing studio analysis yesterday during the Manchester derby, did what no television pundit in England would do and actually called out Mourinho on his behavior. He put it very simply after watching Jose’s post match interview: 'The hypocrisy of that man is staggering!'

Maybe for the reverse fixture in April Sky Sports could bring Liam Gallagher in as special guest post match interviewer and Jose might finally get what’s been coming to him. Although, it’s Jose, so he’ll probably wind up behind Fellani screaming abuse at how Oasis have been shite since (What’s the Story) Morning Glory came out.

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