Nemanja Vidic Echoes Mourinho's Concerns About Current United Players

Nemanja Vidic Echoes Mourinho's Concerns About Current United Players

Having overseen his players halt Manchester City's procession to the Premier League title last weekend, Jose Mourinho admitted in his post-match comments that he had found it difficult to "fight against" the result with his players.

Breaking down the performance of his players in today's defeat to West Bromwich Albion, the Portuguese was blunt in his assessment:

I think we were deservedly punished, because we were masters in complication. Everything was complicated. Players, they didn't want or they couldn't play simple, everything was slow, everything was one more touch, everything was one more flick, one more trick, one more turn, ball lost, and no continuity and no fluidity in our football - I don't think we deserved to lose, but we gave them the opportunity to win the match.

Citing his own experience having won eight titles, Mourinho suggested, that unlike some of his players, he was "not over the moon because I won against Manchester City, a match that is only three points."

Under the impression that some of his players perhaps got carried away with that result, Nemanja Vidic in the Sky studios shared some of Mourinho's impressions:


[At Manchester United], it's not acceptable to draw or lose a match, you always have a high expectation - we won the Champions League, the Premier League title ... we didn't celebrate, we won the Champions League and we didn't celebrate. [You get] two hours to celebrate, go on holiday and the manager is thinking about the next season.

That's Manchester United, and players should understand that. Some of them are a long time there and they should know that.

They have a good team, they have good players, but sometimes I think the players ... you have to show desire, you have to show energy, you have to run more than other teams.

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