Angry Mourinho Fires Parting Shot At Journalists After Press Conference

Angry Mourinho Fires Parting Shot At Journalists After Press Conference

Jose Mourinho's press conference ahead of tonight's game against Bournemouth lasted just seven minutes. The Man Utd manager grew weary of fielding questions about Sunday's post-Manchester derby tunnel fight.

Asked by a BBC reporter if Man Utd could be punished because of the incident, Mourinho responded angrily: “Punish who? Why? I think you work for another club and not for the press.”

Mourinho also suggested that it was a difference in education which led to what he saw as excessive and disrespectful celebrations in the Man City dressing room following the game. He also made reference to his side's 3-1 win against Arsenal a week previous.

The only thing I can say is that, for me, it was just a question of diversity.

Diversity in behaviour, diversity in education. Just that. And nothing more than that. The diversity of behaviour, of opinion, of education.

What we did in the Arsenal stadium, you know? It was completely diverse. What we did, what happened after that match, the way we behaved as winners.

As Mourinho departed the room much earlier than expected, he accused journalists of disrespecting Bournemouth.


Bye-bye. You don’t like Bournemouth? You don’t respect them? You don’t think they are a team capable of coming to Old Trafford and doing well? No respect for Eddie Howe? No respect for the players?

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