Watch: Jose Mourinho Walks Out Of BBC Interview After 'Bad Question'

Watch: Jose Mourinho Walks Out Of BBC Interview After 'Bad Question'

'Do you feel, at the end of the game, it would be nice if everybody shook hands? I saw Mark Hughes a little disappointed that there wasn't a handshake,' Jose Mourinho was asked by BBC's Steve Wilson after the 2-2 draw between Stoke and Man Utd on Saturday evening.

It was a question to which Mourinho reacted negatively. The Man Utd manager was unhappy with the inference that the handshake not happening was his fault.

You know... I want to be polite with you. And I prefer not to answer to the question because your question is really a bad question. It is really a bad question because it looks like it's my fault, it's my problem. And your question is not correct. I'm sorry.

Wilson also asked the Stoke manager about there not being a handshake. Hughes mentioned an incident in his technical area as being a possible source of Mourinho's annoyance.

It didn't [happen]. I'm not quite sure why. I seem to get involved in handshake gates. There's quite a few on my CV. Maybe it's my fault but I'm not quite sure why he didn't want to shake my hand. I don't think there was any real issue. There was a time when he came in my technical area and I told him to get out, but apart from that... maybe that's what upset him.

According to the BBC's Simon Stone, the reason Mourinho did not offer to shake Hughes' hand was a result of the incident in the technical area.


Jose Mourinho walks out of BBC interview

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