Jose Mourinho Drops Journalist In It Over Zinedine Zidane Question

Jose Mourinho Drops Journalist In It Over Zinedine Zidane Question

The vultures may be circling over Jose Mourinho and his time at Manchester, but the Portugese has retained some of his humour as was evident in his pre-match press conference for United's Champions League clash with Valencia on Monday.

Neil Custis of The Sun had written an article claiming that Mourinho was left fearing for his job after receiving a call from Zidane where the former Madrid couch insisted that he would not seek to replace the Portugese at Old Trafford.

In his press conference today, Mourinho was asked about whether Zidane had actually phoned him by a Spanish journalist, and with a wry smile Mourinho pointed at Custis, who was sat behind the Spanish journalist and told him to ask Custis about it as he was the one who had written the article:

Spanish journalist: Hi, Jose. In the English press today, it says that Zinedine Zidane called you to assure you that he didn’t want your position. Is that true?

Mourinho: Just behind you. Just the guy there, you can see him. I’m telling him to ask you what you wrote. So instead of asking me…

Mourinho continued on insisting that Custis had all the answers as the journalist sheepishly says 'Oh yeah, he has':

Mourinho: He’s written it. You need to ask him. He’s put a bug on my telephone, so why don’t you ask him?


United's press officer eventually stepped in, though it was too late as Custis was left with egg on his face:

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