'Ronald Koeman Spoke About Me?' - Jurgen Klopp's No Nonsense Sky Sports Interview

'Ronald Koeman Spoke About Me?' - Jurgen Klopp's No Nonsense Sky Sports Interview

There was little over five minutes remaining in the first half of today's Merseyside derby when Ross Barkley made a tackle which sent the Liverpool bench, and Jurgen Klopp in particular, into a rage.

The tackle on centre-back Dejan Lovren was one which Klopp was asked about on Sky Sports after Liverpool's 3-1 win.

Klopp refused to address the tackle, saying that Sky Sports' Patrick Davison should say it himself if he thought it was a poor challenge - 'don't use me to say it.'

I don't like creating stories. Our responsibility is to cool the thing down as much as possible. It's not easy during the game, so we shout at each other.

If you saw two harsh challenges, say it. If not, don't use me to say it.

The ref decided in different situations, again, it's the third game we leave with an injured player. Sadio was unlucky, it was not too nice. All the other challenges, you have to say what you saw.

Ronald Koeman was interviewed shortly beforehand, also by Davison. The Everton manager criticised the Liverpool management team for their reaction to the tackle.

We don't make a show like the bench of Liverpool about faults. We are different. We are into the game. It's not about what happened with the referee and linesmen.

I don't like coaches from the bench shouting at the referee and linesmen. It was one tackle and they were crazy. It's a man's sport and your behaviour has to be like that.


When informed about what Koeman had said, Klopp kept his response brief.

Ronald Koeman spoke about me? Then, again, say about it what you want.

You can watch Klopp's interview below.

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