Jurgen Klopp Handed Punishment Over Derby Pitch Invasion

Jurgen Klopp Handed Punishment Over Derby Pitch Invasion

Jurgen Klopp's wild, confused run onto the Anfield pitch in the aftermath of Divock Origi's hilarious winner against Everton has earned him a fine - the FA have today fined Klopp £8,000 and "warned about his future behaviour".

When Origi profited from an extraordinary stroke of fortune in the final moment of Sunday's derby, Klopp lost the run of himself and took off onto the pitch, stopping only when embracing Alisson Becker.

Prior to that, it looked as if Liverpool were heading for a draw that, given Man City's furious form, felt like a defeat. (It's notable that Origi celebrated by getting the ball from the net and starting back for the centre circle, before he was mobbed by teammates).

Klopp said sorry straight after the game for his intrusion.

"I have to apologise because I didn't want to be disrespectful but I couldn't stop myself," Klopp told Sky Sports. "It just happened! The plan was not to run [onto the pitch to celebrate]! When I chose to stop I was close to Alisson. He was surprised! It was the last situation of the game. Both teams delivered an unbelievable fight".


Liverpool's next game is away to Burnley tomorrow evening, kicking off at 7.45pm.

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