There Is Much More Behind Jurgen Klopp's Refusal To Speak To The Sun Than We Initially Thought

There Is Much More Behind Jurgen Klopp's Refusal To Speak To The Sun Than We Initially Thought

Yesterday, we brought you the story that Jurgen Klopp had refused to answer a question posed by a journalist for The Sun newspaper after Liverpool's 4-0 win against Barcelona.

It was assumed by many of the outlets who ran this story - this site included - that his refusal to answer a question from that paper was in reference to the paper's dreadful, degrading and erroneous coverage of the Hillsborough disaster in 1989. The Sun is still boycotted by many Liverpool supporters, and the Liverpool Echo refers to the paper in print as The S*n.

It has transpired today that the Hillsborough coverage all those years s not the sole reason Klopp is refusing to speak with the paper.

Here's what Klopp said to the journalist in question. The quotes are via the Independent in England: 

I don't talk with The Sun anymore. I don't speak with The Sun anymore. You can listen.

It's not because I'm with Liverpool now. It's because of a few things that will happen in the next few days or few weeks, I don't know.

It's not personal. You're still working for The Sun, right? That's it. You can listen and you can write what you want.

The "few things" Klopp refers to appears to be a number of stories regarding the personal lives of Liverpool players to be published in the paper.


One such story appears today regarding Dejan Lovren.

The paper claims that Lovren has been rocked by the break-up of his marriage having discovered his wife was having an affair, causing him to ultimately miss Euro 2016. It sits under the headline 'Wife Cheats On Prem Ace (The headline you thought you'd never read)'.

It had been reported that Lovren was not part of the Croatia squad as he fell out with the national team coach. Slaven Bilic told ITV that, in a friendly with Hungary, Lovren was told to warm-up by his coach, only for the coach to take exception at Lovren's performing the routine he would at Liverpool, rather than the exercises the national team had specified.

In addition to this, The Sun reported two weeks ago of the fact a sex tape featuring Nathaniel Clyne had been leaked online. Clyne believes this was a smear, and Merseyside Police have launched an investigation. It should be pointed out the Daily Mirror and Daily Mail also ran this story on their website.

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