Jurgen Klopp Used Google To Decide Curious Liverpool Captain Decision

Jurgen Klopp Used Google To Decide Curious Liverpool Captain Decision

Written next to Philippe Coutinho's name on the Liverpool teamsheet for Wednesday night's game against Spartak Moscow was a curious piece of extra information - the Brazilian was Liverpool captain for the night.

Curiosity was aroused as Coutinho's future at the club - as it was during the summer - is very much uncertain. He has again been linked with a move to Barcelona, a move he was angling for in the last transfer window.

Speaking to ITV's Gabriel Clarke following last night's game, Klopp would not be drawn on transfer speculation.

We played outstanding good football without Philippe, to be honest, and I love this player, really. As a team, you cannot depend on one player. If he's out then you don't know what to do.

I've got nothing to say about that [transfer sepculation] but he was really good tonight.

He also explained how he came to the decision that Coutinho would captain the side.


He was the longest servant on the pitch tonight in the line-up, it was clear that he was the captain. He's here since 2013, I had to Google it, to be honest. [Gestures checking phone] Yeah, Philippe is captain.

The image of Klopp Googling 'Longest-serving current Liverpool players' to make his decision is an amusing one.

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