Kerrymen Supported Italy Because 'They Were A Bit Better Craic'

Kerrymen Supported Italy Because 'They Were A Bit Better Craic'

In the moments after Federico Chiesa's opening goal for Italy in the Euro 2020 semi-final against Spain on Tuesday, the camera cut to the celebrating fans. Beside those wearing blue, and Italian facepaint flags, were two men in Kerry jerseys.

It was another sighting which added to the notion that should the Zapruder film be checked a bit closer, we'd probably spot someone wearing green and gold in Dallas 58 years ago.

The two men were soon identified as identical twins Niall and Seamus O'Connor from Brosna in North Kerry.

The Kerrymen at Italy vs Spain Euro 2020 semi-final

"We were in with the Spanish originally, but we met the Italians going in," Niall told RTÉ Radio One's Ray D'Arcy Show.

"They were a bit better craic so we rocked in with them.

"The Italians knew straight away we were bandwagoning a bit with them, but they were right up for it. They were great craic as well.


"We were right down by the goals where the penalties were on. We got a great view. [Leonardo] Bonucci ran over at the end, which was deadly craic. Then he realised that we weren't Italian, and left."

The pair - who live in London and work in IT for Sainsbury's - only got the tickets on the night before the game. Seamus skipped football training with St Kiernan's to attend the semi-final.

Such was their celebrity, they made a few radio appearances on Wednesday, with Brosna GAA Club requesting they plug q car raffle if possible.

During the game, the father of another Irishman in the crowd - who was wearing an Ireland jersey - spotted the Kerrymen on television and texted his son to make his way towards them.


"I never got his name," said Niall.

"He just rocked on, and said, 'My father texted me and told me to rock down to the two ginger Kerry lads'.

"Yerra, we couldn't make Croke Park this year with the pandemic so had to bring [the jersey] along somewhere.

"I think it was about 30 seconds before going out the door [that we decided to wear the jerseys]."

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