Kieran Tierney Reveals Abuse He Suffered After Leaving Celtic

Kieran Tierney Reveals Abuse He Suffered After Leaving Celtic

Kieran Tierney had 'Judas' spray painted outside of his family home by supporters shortly after agreeing to leave Celtic and join Arsenal last summer.

Speaking on Open Goal's 'Keep the Ball on the Ground' show, the 23-year-old revealed the abuse to which he was subjected by Celtic fans around the time of the move.

"It was just sad the way it ended. People turning and all that," said Tierney.

"Some people make it out to be what it's not and it's not that at all.

"Weeks before when Arsenal had bid, people were like 'You're a rat if you go, you're terrible, you're never a Celtic fan'.

"I'm like 'This is breaking my heart reading this' and as soon as this gets announced, it's going to blow up.

"And the worst thing I did when it got announced was go on Twitter. Thousands of tweets, threats and all sorts.


"When I went home two days later after signing, there was spray paint on the walls, 'Judas' outside my bit."

Tierney signed for Arsenal on the same day that David Luiz was acquired by the club.

"He is so good with all the young boys, everybody loves him," Tierney said regarding the Brazilian centre-back.

"He is a proper leader, even if he hasn’t got the armband he still leads.

"He is a winner, a born winner. He was saying to me during the season when we were doing bad 'We are going to win silverware this season, believe me'.

"He is about motivational speeches and all that, when he talks everybody listens.


"He said to me one game when I hadn’t had my best game - we drew, we should have been winning as it was a home game - he was like 'Don’t worry, I’m the big name and I will take the pressure'.

"I was just sitting there, one of my first games it all went wrong, the fans were on us and we weren’t doing well.

"He just went, 'Don’t worry about it, you just keep playing your football and I will take the heat'."

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