Kieran Tierney Is Trying His Absolute Best To Get Patrick Roberts Back To Celtic

Kieran Tierney Is Trying His Absolute Best To Get Patrick Roberts Back To Celtic

Ultra-talented Man City youngster Patrick Roberts' loan to Celtic was one of the increasingly rare examples of a loan that actually worked in recent times, as the Englishman gained valuable experience and saw his stock rise indefinitely for his role in Celtic's historic unbeaten domestic treble season.

However, over the past few months it became clear that Roberts became very attached to the club during his spell in Glasgow, he even turned down a chance to play in the U20 World Cup that England won so he could play in the Scottish Cup Final, which would have made things difficult for him when the time to return to his parent club came about.

The Celtic fans made it very clear how much they wanted him to return to the club, but it seems as though some of the players feel the same way too. Kieran Tierney developed a bit of a bromance with Roberts over the past year, and he explained to the Daily Record that he has taken it upon himself to convince him to come back to Park Head.

I would be delighted if we were able to get Patrick Roberts back, I really would.

He showed last season what he can do and he was part of what was an incredible season for us. I am on the phone to him all the time – I am telling him every other day that he would be better back here for another crack at it.

As if Celtic fans didn't love Kieran Tierney enough already!


Although, he is just a Celtic fan who happens to also be a key player for the club at the same time, so maybe this should come as no surprise.

For Roberts, he's got a difficult decision to make. It's clear that he is far down the pecking order at Man City, so another loan to Celtic isn't out of the question, but should a Premier League club come calling with a loan offer it may be too good for City, and the player himself, to resist.

He did win everything there is to win in Scottish football in an unbeaten season in his first year in the SPFL, so convincing him to come back for "another crack" is a difficult task, but if anyone can get the job done, then Tierney has as good a chance as anyone.


Mikey Traynor

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