Kieron Dyer Reveals The Extent Of Graeme Souness' 'Tough Love'

Kieron Dyer Reveals The Extent Of Graeme Souness' 'Tough Love'

Kieron Dyer is a name that I'm sure many of you haven't heard in a while. The erstwhile Newcastle midfielder is probably best remembered for his on field scrap with Lee Bowyer in Newcastle's defeat to Aston Villa in 2006.

Dyer was a mercurial talent, the midfielder was blighted with injuries and between fighting with his team mates and other disciplinary issues the Ipswich born footballer had an eventful career. His 2005/06 season at Newcastle was when Graeme Souness had taken charge of the Tyneside club and Dyer has made some interesting statements around the Scots style of man management.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Dyer recounted an incident whereby Souness had to pick up Dyer from  a police station after the midfielder was accused of public urination:

Graeme Souness turned around in the front seat of the car and looked at me. If I ever have to come to a police station again because you have stepped out of line, he said, ‘I will beat you up’.

Fairly heavy handed by Souness. He definitely can never be accused of going easy on his players. Despite this threat Dyer admitted that the Liverpool legend was a good influence on him overall:

Souness was actually really good for me, The season I had with him was the best football I played. I think it was because I feared the man. I was physically afraid of him. I didn’t want to cross him because I believed there would be physical consequences if I did. I’d seen the proof. You couldn’t slack off.

I owed him a lot. I liked his style. Sometimes he’d have his top off in the gym and he’d be doing the chest press and it was like ‘boom’. I was thinking: ‘My God, this guy.’


If there's any image to finish a post on it's that of a topless Graeme Souness angrily bench pressing as Kieron Dyer looks on in awe.


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