LA Galaxy Took Out A Full Page Ad To Recognise Steven Gerrard's Liverpool Career

Steven Gerrard's 17-year Liverpool career came to a conclusion on Sunday with a disappointing 6-1 defeat against Stoke. In minuscule mitigating circumstances, Gerrard did get the consolation goal.

To recognise his contribution to Liverpool, Gerrard's next club, LA Galaxy, took out a full page in the Liverpool Echo today. Fittingly, it was also the 10-year anniversary of the most memorable day in the midfielder's Liverpool career - winning the Champions League in Istanbul.

The ad reads:


Ten years ago today,
On one night in Istanbul,
A leader became a legend.

For the last 17 years,
Liverpool has back its loyal captain.

To the club that has set the example,
From a city honoured to carry that legacy.

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Picture credit; David Maher / SPORTSFILE

PJ Browne
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