Lee Dixon's five factors on Match of the Day.

Last night on Match of the Day 2 Lee Dixon offered up his factors for Man City's capitulation in the title race and what looks like Man Utd's defence of their title.

He boiled it down to these five gems:

  • Form - Man City have played badly, Man Utd have played well.
  • Injuries - City had injuries and suspensions but didn't have replacements of sufficient quality. Man Utd did have replacements of sufficient quality.
  • Dressing room - Man City have divisive characters in their dressing room. Man Utd do not.
  • Experience - Man Utd have more experience of winning titles.
  • Team - His point here was vague to say the least but essentially I think he was saying that Man City are a team of individuals and that Man Utd are not.

I always thought Lee Dixon was a decent analyst. He's the best of a bad bunch in Match of the Day's lineup but something tells me he spent most of the weekend watching the golf and wrote his five factors on the back of a business card in a taxi on the way to the BBC studio. I never excpect much in terms of analysis from Match of the Day but this was obvious, basic and just unbelievably vague.

PJ Browne
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