Watch: Lewis Dunk Gives Furious Interview After 'Embarrassing' Refereeing Decision

Watch: Lewis Dunk Gives Furious Interview After 'Embarrassing' Refereeing Decision

Brighton have more bad luck than most this season, but their loss to West Brom was perhaps the most obvious example yet.

Not only did they miss two penalties in the 1-0 defeat, but they also would have a perfectly good goal ruled out thanks to a baffling refereeing decision.

It came during a free-kick, with Brighton captain Lewis Dunk striking the ball into the back of the net as West Brom were setting up their wall. Referee Lee Mason had blown the whistle, meaning there should have been no issue with the strike.

However, Mason would then bizarrely blow his whistle for a second time just before the ball cross the line. This ultimately resulted in VAR recommending that the goal be disallowed.

You can watch the incident in full below.


It was a crazy decision, one that Brighton were understandably furious about.

Speaking after the game, a visibly upset Lewis Dunk branded the decision as 'embarrassing' and questioned why Mason would not address the incident in public.

It's embarrassing, it's a horrendous decision. I said to the ref 'can I take it', he blew his whistle and I took it. Just because he got pressure from the bench and the players he disallowed the goal.

VAR, I don't know what he said.

It's a horrendous decision, why doesn't he come and speak to the press like me? Why doesn't come and say his point? They hide behind their bubble and it's fine...

I don't think he knew what he was doing. I said to him 'can I take the free-kick', he said yes, I took it and it went into the back of the net. Why didn't he give the goal? He knew he said 'go'.

I don't know why VAR is getting involved because he said the words. You can look on video if you want.

It's hard to argue with any of that.

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