Liam Brady Takes Umbrage With VAR For Mystifying Reason

Liam Brady Takes Umbrage With VAR For Mystifying Reason

Brazil managed to squeeze past Costa Rica today, with two late goals from Philipe Coutinho and Neymar giving the Selecao their first win of Group E. It might have been a slightly easier result for the Brazilians had VAR not come to the rescue of Costa Rica in the 78th minute, when Neymar took a tumble in the box. The referee initially gave a spot kick to Brazil before reviewing the footage and rightfully reassessing his decision.

In the RTE studio, both Michael O'Neill and Richie Sadlier agreed with Bjorn Kuipers decision to consult VAR, Sadlier calling it 'a perfect use of technology' and that the eventual outcome was 'absolutely correct'.

Liam Brady however, took the complete opposite view to his fellow pundits, believing that Oscar Duarte had fouled Neymar:

I thought he impeded him with his arm, when you obstruct someone with your body it's an indirect free kick if you just get in the way and stop him from reaching the ball.

I felt that his (Duarte's) hand momentarily grabbed the shirt, Neymar felt it and said 'I can't get the ball anymore'.

Brady then went off piste altogether, having a go at VAR for making the decision for the referee:

Did the referee go to VAR or did VAR go to the referee?

What is apparent is that they're making the decision up there and they're telling the  referee

Every time the referee has been called over to the telly camera he's agreed with why they've asked him to look at it.

A serious case of 'old man yells at cloud here' I think.


"Is that not the technology working?" Darragh Maloney pleaded, but a grumpy Brady was in no mood to agree with anyone as he tried to make something out of nothing, a lot like Neymar did in the box.

His take on the new technology did not go down well with the viewing public:



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