Liverpool CEO Pays Poignant Tribute To Seán Cox After Premier League Win

Liverpool CEO Pays Poignant Tribute To Seán Cox After Premier League Win

It was an emotional night for Liverpool supporters as 30 years of heartache were wiped away in an instant. The Premier League title tastes sweet for all Liverpool supporters, but as the reality of the achievement sets it, thoughts immediately turned to Dunboyne, and Seán Cox and his family.

The Meathman was assaulted by Roma supporters ahead of a 2018 Champions League semifinal and suffered debilitating brain injuries in the process. Liverpool Football Club has been brilliantly supportive of Cox and his family as he has rehabilitated from that injury.

With all of the emotions circling around a Liverpool league title, it was moving to see club executives thinking of Cox as celebrations got underway. Liverpool's CEO Peter Moore gave Cox special mention on his Twitter feed last night, minutes after the title was confirmed.

"Number 19 is finally here. It's for our millions of fans, near and far...we miss you. It’s for the Reds that fell to the virus. It’s for my dad, who first took me to Anfield in 1959. It’s for Seán Cox, smiling in Ireland right now. And it’s for the 96, who will never be forgotten."

The tweet also showed Cox using a banner that Liverpool players held aloft in Rome as a blanket, which was amazing to see.


Whatever your thoughts on Liverpool on the pitch, its hard not to be touched by this sentiment from Moore.

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