Liverpool Attribute Swansea Defeat To Skiving Off Training

Liverpool Attribute Swansea Defeat To Skiving Off Training

Jurgen Klopp as earned a reputation as a kind of Premier League Robin Hood: having stolen points from Manchester City, he was on hand eight days later to hand them out to poor Swansea City.

It was an eight-day spell that was quintessentially Liverpool, and while Liverpool fans may prefer to ascribe this inconsistency to some kind of cosmic force and inevitability beyond anyone's control, Jurgen Klopp has found an explanation.

Speaking to the Liverpool Echo's James Pearce, Klop has said that his side were hindered in the build-up by illness among the squad, which cost them a tactical training session. Klopp elected to ditch a session that would have focused on how best to break down Swansea.

It's not an excuse, it's the truth.

During the week because of illness and little issues here and there was one session we could not do that we usually do - tactical, offensive, where we stand...

We couldn't do it and I had to accept that. We spoke about it and we needed to speak about it again at half-time.

That was what made me really angry because I thought: 'Come on! It's clear we have to do that, we've done it plenty of times and we have to do it again.' That was my problem after that game.

When prosletysing before getting the Liverpool job, Brendan Rodgers made the point that British players are no less tactically adept than their Spanish or Italian counterparts, but their learning can be affected by the adverse  British weather. These tactical sessions will often involve a lot of standing still as players are taught positioning, and Rodgers claims the more forgiving conditions to the south means that more of these sessions take place.


It would appear that even after he has left Liverpool, the club are proving Rodgers right.

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