Liverpool & Everton Fan Have Heated Exchange Over Blues' Man City Support

Liverpool & Everton Fan Have Heated Exchange Over Blues' Man City Support

There is a strange narrative that has emerged around Everton's game against Manchester City, with many fans on the blue half of Merseyside actually hoping their team lose this evening. They want their own team to get a bit of a thumping tonight, and it's all in the name of some local rivalry.

A win for the visitors would see them rise to the top of the Premier League table, and crucially, knock Liverpool out of first place. That of course would be good news for Everton supporters, who are really hoping that The Reds do not end their 29-year title drought this season.

The fact that supporters would shout against their own club is something that is baffling many, especially Liverpool fans who feel it is some sour grapes from their rivals. The situation came to head this morning on talkSPORT, when a Blues fan rang in to express his desire that Manchester City beat his team tonight. It was not long before someone from the other half of Merseyside called in to respond, and their argument was priceless.


Liverpool Fan: The question is: Do you want Everton to get beat tonight, yes or no?

Everton Fan: I've just said that, I said that already at the start.

Liverpool Fan: Well then, there you go. Honest to god mate, I would never be that bitter in my life to want Liverpool to get beat in a football match, that's just wrong... Even if it meant Everton won the league. I care about Liverpool! I don't say there and wonder how Everton got on today!

Everton Fan: I bet you do.

Liverpool Fan: I bet I don't mate, Im not interested! I'm interested in Liverpool Football Club, not interested in Manchester United. Manchester United could win 40 league titles, that's up to them. My team is my team.

Brilliant. There certainly seems to be a narrative emerging amongst fans of Premier League teams, in that they reallyΒ don't want Liverpool to win the league title. This seems to be down to the fact that they feel fans of the club are largely insufferable, although the irony of this situation seems to be lost on most.

One thing seems certain, in that there will likely be fans from 19 Premier League clubs cheering on Manchester City this evening.

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Gary Connaughton

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