LISTEN: Liverpool Fan Struggles To Understand Away Goals Rule

LISTEN: Liverpool Fan Struggles To Understand Away Goals Rule

The majority of Liverpool supporters were quite content with Tuesday's draw with Bayern Munich in the first leg of their last 16 tie. While the Merseysiders would have gladly taken a goal on the night and they might yet rue Sadio Mané's missed opportunity, they will be confident of scoring in the second leg in Munich.

However, there was one Liverpool supporter who was delighted with the stalemate at Anfield the other night.

Steve the Red called into TalkSport's The Sports Bar on Wednesday evening, and began to regale host Andy Goldstein with his own unique interpretation of how exactly the Champions League away goals rule works.

You can take a listen here:

Steve the Red's assurance that Bayern would have to score four if Liverpool scored two, was the catalyst for host Andy Goldstein to launch into hysterics:


“You have to remember, Andy, that away goals count double.”

Well, sort of, Steve but continue…

“So if we score, Bayern have to score two to win.”

Yep, Steve, go on…

“If we score two, they have to score four. If we score three, they have to score six.”

Err, what? No, Steve!

Someone please explain the rules to Steve, we’re still laughing!

Now while many of us have been confused by some of the constant changes to the rules of football over the years, most of us have not decided to go onto national radio and discuss our own interpretation of the rules.

However, poor Steve the Red hasn't seem to grasped the concept of the away goals rule just yet.

Hopefully for him there aren't too many goals in the second leg in three weeks time. If there is he'll have to dust off his old calculator from school.

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Evan Coughlan

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