Liverpool Fans Rejoice As Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain Comes To Aid Of Coutinho

Liverpool Fans Rejoice As Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain Comes To Aid Of Coutinho

Demonstrating once again their incredible attacking potential, Liverpool's 4-0 demolition of Bournemouth today took the Reds back into the top 4 of the Premier League.

With goals coming from Philippe Coutinho, Dejan Lovren, Mohamed Salah and Robert Firmino, it was Liverpool's opening goal from Coutinho that really captured the attention.

An incredible solo effort, it only served to highlight the reasons why Barcelona prized Liverpool's Brazilian attacker so highly.

Needless to say, Sky Sport's Patrick Davison - a man who did a good job of riling Jurgen Klopp after last week's drawn Merseyside derby - was on hand to broach the issue of Coutinho's expected departure.

A continuous bone of contention for Liverpool fans since the Brazilian looked set to depart for the La Liga club in the summer transfer window, today's man of the match Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain was in no mood to witness the same exchange carried out again:

Phil is a Liverpool player now and he is doing really well for us, he's been the most professional player for us all season.

He's been top quality from the start, and every time he gets on the pitch he gives his all for the club. That's the most important thing right now [and] it's not fair to ask those kind of questions.

He gives us his all every game and that's all you can ask of him.

It goes without saying that Liverpool fans - and fans generally - are quite happy with the former Arsenal man's interjection.




You can watch Oxlade-Chamberlain's unwavering response below.

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